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Posted by Scrappyilse at Mar 28, 2008 1:05:11 AM
Re: Making Trinkets interesting
I love the idea of making more use of trinkets and injuries. BUT, I love my trinkets :lol: It would be fun, though, if I could place them somewhere. i.e. the sand dollar on a part of sand near the pond with your house, but I can also think of other things, like placing flowers in a vase.

As someone already said earlier, furniture is also only esthaetic. After all, we can't use the chairs, sofa's and beds like we can in Real Life. So for trinkets being esthaetic, so be it. I wouldn't want several trinkets to turn in one furniture item. If that would be the case, I'd keep them all in my display case, I like them too much for that. If we could actually make use of the trinkets the way they are.... Well, that could be interesting in my opinion :)

Well, these were my 2 poes :)
~regards, Ilse~
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