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Posted by sashamorning at Mar 26, 2008 11:46:30 AM
Re: Making Trinkets interesting
Grinfish wrote: 
If you want an injury, giving a trophy after removing it is a bit, well, illogical. It means you didn't want an injury to start with.

I wrote: 
Injuries are highly prized, but I personally don't like them. If I ever get injured, I'm going directly to the apoth to get it removed.

There are already trophies and trinkets that people don't want and wish they could get rid of (Proto-diamond, anyone?), and I'm witht he group that tends to think Jinxed Idol is a random trophy (although that really remains to be seen).

Still, I'm not sure why getting an injury and removing it should leave you with nothing. Yes, it's basically an RNG output for having been in a bunch of sinks, but if we're going to reduce it to that, why have the Boot at all? Shouldn't the injury, once obtained, be enough to show that you've done a bunch of sinking (well, in general, yes there are 1st time sinkers with injuries).

The Conch was converted into a map and trophy. Why not an injury?

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