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Posted by sashamorning at Mar 26, 2008 10:27:27 AM
Re: Making Trinkets interesting
I think it would be cool when you have an injury removed you get a Hook, Peg, or Eye Patch Trinket. That way you can still remember your battle scars without having to wear them all the time.

We seriously need this. Injuries are highly prized, but I personally don't like them. If I ever get injured, I'm going directly to the apoth to get it removed. (*GASP*) However, I know that many people treasure them highly.

I don't see why this would be a terrible thing. Make a non-tradeable injury trinket (or trophy... me likey trophies!) so that when you regrow your leg, you keep the peg. A glass eye/patch, hook, and starfish would be nice. ^_^ Also, maybe the hook could be a non-tradeable weapon, a la the backsword, since it already works as one.

I know this has little chance of happening, but I suspect it would be simplicity itself to code (after the art was done, of course). Comments?

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