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Posted by NelsonKizmet at Mar 20, 2008 7:21:31 AM
Re: Random Screenie Fun Thread
Dear Mr. Mooch,

You have been choosen for Puzzle Pirates Jery doody. Please make the necissary arrangements with your employer (Athens) and be at the court room on Gallows island on the 6th Saturday of March.

The trial may last a few weeks so please make sure to pack plenty of skirts so you are well stocked for the time.

If you would like to try for an exemption please send an email to

Thank you,

Judge Green
Yesterday On Oceans
Large On Viridian

Goats wrote: 
If that was the case, Yesterday and I would be having a pillow fight in a pool full of chocolate pudding by now.

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If you didn't know that

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