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Posted by gunnermooch at Mar 20, 2008 3:37:58 AM
Re: Random Screenie Fun Thread
But they use that 1 PoE to pay for the trial's "Annual Fee."

Seriously, why is everyone so negative! You get to be on "jery" duty and find people guilty. Granted they would probably just leave the crew before paying any kind of fine...but still, the excitement!one!!!

We should have this as an actuall game design. If found guilty you get sent to some far off deserted land for 7 days, like Alkaid or something.
Dalnoth wrote: He was going on an on about some Cybersex with a 13 year old accusation, however I immediately dismissed the claim based on the fact that slimbottom can't even type one whole sentence coherently let alone have cybersex.

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