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Posted by Hempline at Jul 16, 2004 5:31:49 AM
The Mysteries of Midnight. This week: Skeletons
Well then, I'd first like to state that this is only what I've created as my own story, and doesn't have anything to do with what is truly the Ringers' idea of Yarrow.


Yarrow is a very interesting life form in the Midnight Ocean. A robust leafy plant with white buds, it is considered a treasure among the ironmongers and forgers. Many pirates can attest to the difference a hilt tapered with strands of yarrow makes. It is said that this plant gives a sword great balance, almost molding it to the wielder?s whim.
In the creation of such a blade, yarrow is normally used with another type of herb, as it is exceedingly over-expensive to use more than one of this rare flora. Every part of the herb is used up in the construction of a sword; the amazingly strong stalks are peeled into long white fiber strands and placed into the hilt, while the pallid dapper buds are burned as a stoke to make hotter flames more easily. As a result, not only is the blade more balanced thanks to this bloom, but also more impurities are burned from the blade thanks to the warmer fire.
Now the question is, why is this seemingly dainty plant such a magnificent material to forge from? I believe I have unwittingly stumbled upon the answer in my travels, mainly doing so simply by looking back upon my photos and noticing a curiosity. The two remaining islands that yarrow is known to grow upon (as I believe many others have been over-cultivated before this time) is Flow Island and Beta Island, in the Opal and Sapphire Archipelagos accordingly. Imagine my frustration as I poured over my notes and pictures, trying to find a common connection between the two places, to find the key as to why yarrow so happily thrives here. The answer was a riddle, and no doubt; it?s not what common connection these islands have, it?s what they do not! They?re nearly exact opposites!
Beta Island is located in the sweltering Sapphire Archipelago, known for it?s tropical jungles and sweltering mugginess. A live volcano still rumbles menacingly there, and it is in fact one of these lava pits that I found yarrow growing not a single foot away. As for Flow Island, this freezing rock is located in Opal, home of such other winter wonderlands as Norse and Orca. Flow, this home to normally only the heartiest evergreens and frozen monsters, also allows the yarrow to thrive happily.
It is no wonder that yarrow is such a sought-after commodity, nor is it a great wonder that this is such a powerful plant to use in forging deadly swords.
Forever a Nameless Corsair
Island Designer

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