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Posted by Fizz at Feb 25, 2008 7:47:04 AM
Re: People's Choice -- Easter Eggs 2008
I had intended to add numbers to pletoo's image, but got side tracked. I still think it's a good idea if people would find it helpful?

"I vote for numbers 1,4, 78, 5...ect" is far easier to handle than "I vote for all of Domokun's, Pletoo's, Nemo's oprange one, Fred's green thingy..."

Please use the voting number system I have set up in the OP. Otherwise, it will be more work for me to calculate them in the google doc since I will have to go back and forth between the wiki and your vote email and the googledoc to find out the number/s that I am using for the eggs. Pletoo's egg image is for fun. It has no baring on how I am have the numbering set up.
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