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Posted by Fizz at Feb 24, 2008 10:29:01 AM
People's Choice -- Easter Eggs 2008
There has been some talk that people want the option to pick the winning egg/s. I will take the time to compile votes. I can't provide any prizes on any/all the oceans, so this will be a bragging rights sort of deal. (If anyone has any ideas for this, I'm open ears.) I will be tracking votes at google docs. (Apparently, you will have to create/sign in with google docs to view it.)

(I have changed the setting of the google doc to nonpublic, but will change it back to public once all the voting is done. The reason is, I don't want anyone's votes to be influenced by whose eggs have already been voted for.)

Deadline for people's choice will go until March 21st
Until OOO announces the winners in the game/forum. Once that has been done, this "event" is over.

This is what I want you to do:

  • Who is this event open to? The whole YPP community.

  • Pick 3 (Three) eggs and up to 5 (Five) Honorable Mentions (only your first 5 HMs will be noted), from THIS link.
    Do not include any egg designs that have been marked as not seamless, as they wouldn't be eligible in the game to win either.

  • When you submit your choice, please state the name of the designer and which egg number you are picking.
    (To get the egg number, count the eggs left to right.)

  • List your most favorite as number 1 (One), next at number 2 (Two) and then your next at number 3 (Three).
    Eggs will be scored as follows:
    1st place pick = 4 points
    2nd place pick = 3 points
    3rd place pick = 2 points
    Hono(u)rable mentions = no score value

  • Post ONLY questions/suggestions/comments in this thread. Please do not post your votes in this thread.

  • Send your picks to me at OR you can send a PM to me if you are not comfortable giving out your email addy. Just keep in mind, my PM box could get full here. I will respond to each PM that I get to let you know that your vote is counted.

    This is just for fun and has no official bearing on the actual judging!
    (so there is no point in repeatedly voting for your own egg using multiple alts or friends.)
    Fizz -- RETIRED Senior Officer of Phoenix Warriors, Lady of Tyrs Own

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