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Posted by Nordenx at Feb 16, 2008 12:16:44 PM
Re: [AVATARS] There's a catch...
I have been meaning to ask, but what sparked this idea?
This way I have somewhat of a control on how many commissions I get in a month. If I just have a store that is open for orders, I usually would get swamped or PMed to death. With the quality and rarity of the avatars I offer, I figure that it should justify the price. This also gives my patrons a chance to lower their fees and have fun at the process. ^_^

Yar! That ye did!
[20:19:50] Mynameisilya says, "Finally! I found you!"
[20:19:58] Nordenx says, "Then draw yer sword!"
[20:20:01] Mynameisilya says, "I don't have one..."
[20:20:13] Nordenx says, "Yar! ye can try and Stick me to death?"
[20:20:28] Mynameisilya frowns
[20:20:58] Nordenx says, "Ye never know. I've been beaten by sticks plenty of times before."
[20:23:04] Nordenx lost!
[20:23:04] Game over. Winner: Mynameisilya.
[20:23:07] Mynameisilya says, "yay"
[20:23:07] Nordenx says, "Yar!"
[20:23:14] Nordenx says, "Beaten by a stick!"
[20:23:30] You have received a puzzle challenge from Mynameisilya.
[20:23:57] Nordenx says, "Once more, eh? Yar!"
[20:23:58] Mynameisilya says, "Good luck! It's either I win and pay 20 doubs or fail... "
[20:24:49] **** says, "Aha!"
[20:24:57] **** says, "Hiding in the trees! Sneeky!"
[20:25:06] **** is watching the game.
[20:25:47] Nordenx says, "En Garde!"
[20:26:07] Mynameisilya lost!
[20:26:07] Game over. Winner: Nordenx.
[20:26:08] Mynameisilya says, "NO!!!"
[20:26:12] Nordenx says, "Yar!"
[20:26:25] Success: 30 doubloons sent to Nordenx.
There are two commissions ahead of ye mate. One almost done and one halfway through. I'm hoping to finish everything before the end of the month.
Nordenx of Viridian

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