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Posted by Hempline at Jul 8, 2004 6:37:33 AM
The History of Midnight.
Ahoy, mates! This be yer friendly neighborhood Hempline, here. I jest wished ta tell everyone that the project of charting and writing up stories, legends and histories of Puzzle Pirates be marchin along steadily. However, I will unfortunately be not playin the game after Wednesday, July 28, 2004; me subscription ends then. quite simply, I donna have the money to play the game, and the time I spend on it could easily be used to get a part-time job on the side of my per-diem. However! Jest because I be not in the games doesn'a mean I wont' be writin what I've found in my travels!
The point of this be, if ye'd like a story to make itself known, I'd suggest seekin' me out either usin PMs or in the game before I leave. After that, those wonderful tales'll be lost to me. So, now be yer chance to be placed in the History o' Midnight! But only until July 28th.

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omg welcum bak hmeplien we mist u


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