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Posted by Jdog94 at Jan 29, 2008 10:24:10 PM
Re: [AVATARS] There's a catch...
Nordenx says, "Yar! Ye found me!"
Jmando says, "After a long, frustrating journey, Jmando catches Nordenx and prepares for battle!"
Nordenx says, "Ready yerself!"
Jmando draws his silly foil
Jmando says, "Yarr!"
Nordenx says, "A swordfight it shall be!"
Puzzle started (Jmando vs. Nordenx).
Nordenx draws a stick
Nordenx lost!
Game over. Winner: Jmando.
Nordenx says, "Yar! Ye win!"
Jmando says, "What a battle it was"
Nordenx says, "Aye!"
Nordenx says, "Well fought mate!"
Jmando says, "May I ask for another, if ye be willing?"
Nordenx says, "If ye must!"
Nordenx says, "All or nothing"
Nordenx says, "well... all or lowest price"
Nordenx laughs
Nordenx says, "ready yer blade!"
Jmando says, "Yarr!"
Puzzle started (Jmando vs. Nordenx).
Nordenx lost!
Game over. Winner: Jmando.
Jmando says, "Yarr!"
Nordenx says, "Yar! ye got me!"
Jmando says, "Good game"
Nordenx says, "Aye!"
Jmando says, "Finally, I got some luck with ye!"
Nordenx says, "My services be yours for 20K"
Success: 20 doubloons sent to Nordenx.
Nordenx says, "Good play matey!"
Jmando says, "Will put my order in soon =)"
Nordenx says, "PM me the details of yer avatar and I'll work on it. :)"

Avast! Ahoy Nordenx, here be my order, I look forward to the avatar.

I would like an avatar of me as shown in this portrait , but with these boots and this on one of my hands! I was thinking of maybe me in a Villa (painted maroon), leaning back on a chair with my feet up on a table, relaxing (with some furniture in the background).

Thank ye!
Lost and wondering...

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