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Posted by Nordenx at Jan 26, 2008 9:18:10 PM
Re: [AVATARS] There's a catch...
Yar! Two pirates found me and both fought well.
One got the better of me, but one pirate I fell
One challenged my sword and one hand to hand.
Both pirates gambled, their ground did they stand.
In the end they both win my services for a fee.
One lowered her price, the other ten thousand times three.

Cambiata says, "hee hee i has found yous"

Nordenx says, "Yar! Ye did!"
Cambiata laughs

Cambiata says, "no more running away now"
You have received a puzzle challenge from Cambiata.
Nordenx says, "Ye have me cornered!"
Nordenx lost!
Winner: Cambiata.

Nordenx says, "well fought lass!"
Cambiata laughs another?

Nordenx says, "if ye must!"
Cambiata says, "you too.. i was having some troubles lol"
Nordenx grins

You have received a puzzle challenge from Cambiata.
Nordenx says, "Ye want me services for less I see! Well then.... prepare yerself!"
Cambiata sticks out a tongue

Cambiata laughs
Cambiata lost!
Game over. Winner: Nordenx.

Cambiata laughs
Cambiata says, "30k it is then lol"
Nordenx says, "Alas matey ye be beat!"
Nordenx says, "Aye"

Cambiata says, "good game"
Nordenx bows
Nordenx says, "very well fought"

Cambiata says, "you too"
Cambiata says, "now for some money"
Cambiata laughs

You have received 30,000 pieces of eight from Cambiata.
Cambiata says, "there we go"
Nordenx says, "It be a pleasure mate. My services are now yours"

Cambiata smiles
Cambiata has been added to your hearty list.

Cambiata says, "and would you mind posting the convo?"
Cambiata says, "my flag was being talkative..."
Nordenx says, "I will Lass"

Nordenx says, "It be a pleasure doing business with ye"
Nordenx smiles
Cambiata smiles

Cambiata says, "you are a hard one to find"
Nordenx says, "He he he"

Good Game, LJ and Cam!

I'll be expectin' the details of both yer commissions via PM.
Nordenx of Viridian

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