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Posted by Nordenx at Jan 21, 2008 12:42:38 AM
[AVATARS] There's a catch...
Nordenx Avatar Adventure!

Avast, forumlubbers! Ahoy!

If ye want me to make ye an avatar, ye 'ave to catch me first!

  • Find me in any of the doubloon oceans.
  • Challenge me to a duel (drinking, swordfight, rumble or boxing) be it rated or not, depending on yer liking.
  • Beat me and yer avatar price be 25K POE or 25 doubloons!
  • If I win, ye pay the full price of 30K POE or 30 doubloons!
  • Hearty me, Matey!
  • Ye have to pay me on the spot.
  • Then ye must come here and post the snippet from your chat log of our deal plus the detail of what ye want in yer custom avatar and provide yer pirate portrait for reference.
  • Allow me a few days to finish yer avatar, I will post the finished piece in this thread.
  • I am sorry, I am not taking commissions from PM anymore. A lot of them get buried and forgotten with nary an X to mark the spot. I will only accept your order if ye played & paid me in the game. I hope ye understand, this is the only way I can have some semblance of control on how heavy or light my work load would be. If I want more work, I'll be online more. If I want less work, I'll go in hiding.

For example of me work, check here:

Happy hunting! ^_^
Nordenx of Viridian

Avatar Adventure!
Mariner's Used

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