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Posted by sparkly_pink at Jan 18, 2008 5:26:44 AM
Re: Travidar's Ultimate Blacksmithing - YPPedia Guide *PLEASE REVIEW!*
Excellent guide! Very precise and easy to understand.

I have a few tips/strategies from my own gameplay to add! :)

I find that it's easier to eliminate the more difficult pieces as early as possible so as to avoid frustrating dead ends towards the end of the game. ie, I get rid of Bishops, Rooks and 4s. To me, they are the most frustrating.

Also, I've been getting high scores around 93-95% of the time (Yes! Even in the beginning!! Hehe!), and I can safely say that combos don't help me in the slightest. I don't go looking for chains to make. If one strays across my path, then cool! Other than that, I don't bother.

As for starting, I tend to go with the Rooks. I sit for a minute and think how I can link each of them up and destroy them, using mostly 4s, Bishops and 1s. I find this a particularly good strategy to use, and breathe easier once I've gotten rid of all the Rooks in the "first round" (ie, The hottest stage :D).

Good on you for writing up this guide Trav! I've done one myself, and it's amazing to see how many pirates understand it better when it's down in print. Great work, and thanks for the tips! :) :)
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