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Posted by McGarvery at Jan 17, 2008 10:09:25 PM
Re: Travidar's Ultimate Blacksmithing - YPPedia Guide *PLEASE REVIEW!*
You cover many things that I think are very good for increasing scores.

Here are some possible things to also consider:

- The number of moves a piece can make changes its flexibility. Inflexible pieces should be struck first.
4's on sides need to be removed so they do not become dead ends - they often only have 1 move.
Similarly, Knights in corners should be cleared carefully, since there are only 2 moves for these. Knights on walls near corners also recieve "fewer" moves.
Bishops on walls only have 2 moves and should be removed.
Rooks on walls have 3 moves - and 2 of them go into the corners - so they really only have one move if you are saving your corners. Map where the rooks on walls are, they are like one-way streets across the board or into corners. . .

Keeping these things in mind, helped improve my score.

Another thing you can do to improve your score is to take any 1234 or RQKnB combos that are standing out at you. If you can do one of these, or better, chain it into the OTHER type, while keeping mindful to maintain a decent board structure... it will give you a few moves off the 'perfection' required to get Increds.

A 1234/4321 combo is all about the 4. The 1 is easy to pattern from, as is a 2 in the middle. The 4 usually only has one possible move, so you must add the 123/321 either BEFORE or after the rigid 4. Plan accordingly.

RQBKn is a bit harder. It involves a lot of wall bouncing.

Knights can get you off the walls. If you see a wall-knight with another chesspiece in its move shadow, try to see if you can angle a third type of piece into it.

Hitting a Bishop and a Rook is the tricky part. One has to angle into another piece at some point. A queen has a fairly big shadow so it's often easy to catch something that matches up. But to get a rook to go, something has to be across from it, or it needs to end the string. Bishops are also tricky to aim, since they get so few moves. A Queen or Rook in the corner can make it easier to pick up this type of Combo, but both of those will force you into other corners... so unless you have a Knight in a corner they will probably be a dead-end. A Corner Knight is troublesome, but if there is a chesspiece in its move shadow it can lead into an easy Combo.

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