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Posted by actreal at Jan 9, 2008 9:45:37 PM
Re: Blog questions and topic suggestions
I would like some commentary in the blog on the policy for the release of new islands, particularly on Hunter Ocean.

None of the oceans has had a new island since May last year and rumour has it that the next island will be released for all oceans (presumably except Midnight) in a similar event to last time.

So my questions:

Is Hunter being kept deliberately uncolonised compared to the other oceans? If so, why?

The other oceans had many more islands colonised at this stage in their history.

For example, Hunter is now 21 months old and has 12 colonised islands in 3 archipelagoes. Sage had over 20 islands open in 7 archipelagoes when it was 21 months old.
Donall of Hunter

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