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Posted by PMega at Jan 8, 2008 3:09:58 PM
Re: Travidar's Ultimate Blacksmithing - YPPedia Guide *PLEASE REVIEW!*
Wow, I'm not even quite sure how I stumbled upon this guide, but after reading the guide, the second puzzle after was my first incred! Thank you for the insight and for making yet another puzzle click in my mind ^_^

That makes me very happy! That was what I was aiming for with the guide.

Very nice guide but could you chance your avatar please Travidar? I have my As-level Maths exam tomorrow and your calculus avatar isn't helping :)

No, I like calculus. =P

Perhaps I missed it (still on my first cup of tea here), but did you say anything about 4s? In my opinion those are one of the highest "risk" pieces. There's often only one outlet for a 4. Also, I occasionally find I've trapped a 1 in a corner or on a side with nothing next to it Maybe a list of common "risk" sitiuations like that?

one thing that might help some people is if you include some pics. some that i could think of are end or mid game where you show how planning one route is a dead end and showing how you could make many more moves. the worst pieces to me are 4's and bishops and i try to remove those as much as possible. the only exception is 4's in a corner are pretty useful. everything else was really good. also i didn't see any mention of combos? i haven't blacksmithed in months but i remember for each alternating set you could have 1 more silver left to get incred. eg. 2 alternating chess/numbers and 4 silver is incred still. the only time i remember doing combos though was the first strike.

These are actually EXACTLY the next steps I was going to do with my guide. I want to add pictures as I get them, so I'm going to see if I have any good examples while smithing.

Also, I was going to add an "Advanced Tips" section which went into detail about certain things - 4s and combos among them. I even already have a neat little diagram about 4s.

I will try and get that up soon. I just wanted to at least put the guide up with the basic walkthrough, then add on from there. But yeah, I actually have already though about those. Thanks!

More comments appreciated, glad you guys are enjoying the guide.
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