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Posted by WolfpackNC at Jan 8, 2008 11:02:56 AM
Re: Travidar's Ultimate Blacksmithing - YPPedia Guide *PLEASE REVIEW!*
I enjoyed that guide thoroughly. It articulated a lot of what goes on in my head, but I could never explain to mates who look for tips!

One other thing I ran into as I was figuring things out was as far as corner rum jug nastiness goes, do NOT leave a queen or rook as the last piece in the layer (before the jug appears on striking). I have cleared down to the end and started setting up rum jug action and had an awesome board, only to realize in my stupidity that my rum jug piece was dead upon striking. :(

Also, dead pieces I would pay special attention to are seemingly harmless looking 2's in each of the corners. 2s that are in the 4 spots of each corner (16 squares total on the board) only have 3 outs, one more than the icky side bishops, and you can work yourself in a bind very quickly. Nothing sucks more than a "Finished!" when you totally didn't expect it.

I guess this is more middle level strategy, but it's an Ultimate guide, and these caught my attention as I was climbing ranks. Hope this helps and kudos to a very well written guide!
-Wolfpack (Hunter)
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