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Posted by Jezzebel at Jan 8, 2008 9:02:43 AM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
I looked through the index and didn't see it so here goes. I'd like to be able to hold some of my trinkets in portraits. There are several that you can hold: BK trinkets, Antediluvian conch. However, I have a couple more-rare trinkets (more rare than BK trinkets anyway) that I'd like to be able to hold.

In my latest portrait I wanted to hold a handkerchief. I own a pink/black hanky trinket from a forum contest. Imagine my sorrow at being unable to hold that, whereas someone who won the hanky trinket from a BK would be able to hold theirs. Additionally, one of my most prized possessions is a black/grey 3rd-place ribbon trinket also from a forum contest - I'd love a portrait with that.

It seems almost a little unfair that the more rare trinkets cannot be held. I suppose it's a question of not wanting to spend the time on the artwork for something fewer people will use?
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