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Posted by PMega at Jan 7, 2008 11:22:45 PM
Re: Travidar's Ultimate Blacksmithing - YPPedia Guide *PLEASE REVIEW!*
The one thing I'm really interested in when it comes to blacksmithing relates to the end game and clearing levels in terms of scoring. When you get down to the last few pieces on the board, is it better to a) clear everything down to light silver (ie, create, if not use your last rum jug) or b) make more hits/clear more spaces entirely.

So, for example, you have 5 incomplete squares left, one dark grey and the other four silver. If you can either hit the dark grey one (thus getting another rum jug) or clear 2 of the other pieces, but not both, which is better? What if you could clear 3 of the other pieces? Or all 4 of them, leaving you only one piece, but that piece is grey instead of silver? Is there an approximate number at which point it makes more sense to do A rather than B or vice versa?

I am 99% sure on this, that the game scores based on how many STRIKES you make only. So if you have a dark grey piece, that counts as two unstruck. A silver piece counts as one unstruck. Thus, having dark grey pieces left over is equivalent of having two silver pieces left over. So for all your examples, clearing the silver pieces is always better.

If I'm not making sense, please let me know. It's rather late and I have to go to bed (hence why my reply might be scrambled, I don't know), but if you have more questions I will answer them tomorrow =)


P.S. If I can find a place to edit this into the guide, I will. Thanks.
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