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Posted by Godssniper at Dec 21, 2007 7:37:44 PM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3

Apollo is the god of the sun, an Ocean Master in the popular game Puzzle Pirates, and the King of the December Daily Doodles, a contest into which this special will be entered. But is he hiding a secret? Our news team was informed that Apollo was also the king of a trinket smuggling ring. When our news team asked him for an interview, he ran off like a true-blood rumbler from a SF Challenge. But Apollo was weighed down by the prizes he was carrying slowed him down, and our fearless reporter was able to catch him and force him into an interview.

Godssniper: You were connected with the trinket smuggling ring known as "The Trinket Smuggling Ring run by Apollo," and were even told to be their leader. How can you face these charges, they seem to be overbearing.

Apollo: Um, er... well, uh... next question please Well you know, I'm not the kind of person to back down to a challenge. Now, maybe Cleaver* will run away from a greenie with a stick wanting to SF, but not me.

G: So are the charges true? Are you their leader?

A: What charges? I don't know about any charges, or trinkets, lots and lots of trinkets. Of course not! My name probably came up as being in connection to their leader because I just captured him! I've got that Nemo* locked up in my ship now.

G: Let me show you this, it is a video showing you taking illegal gold-gold clam shells and handing them off to agents of the ring. How can you say you aren't connected with these people now?

A: Hmm, that's not me. It must be someone else. But not me. And that's not my clothes, or my familiar, definitley not me. Ah, I had to go undercover to get close to Nemo. I was giving them special trinkets so that if they tried to sell them off, they would be attacked by skellies. Pretty clever, huh?

G: Apollo, when you go to trial next week, what do you expect the jury to think of your testimony?

A: Okay, look, if I give you a prize in my Daily Doodles contest, will you please just change this interview a little bit, you know, editing? I'll make it worth you're while.** I'm not concerned about them. I know I'm innocent, so I know that I will do my best at court, but it will all come down to when I am aquitted. I think you'll agree then, won't you?

G: Okay, I think I will Apollo. Thanks for your time.

So Apollo is a great guy, and he would never commit a crime like this. He'll get off, I'm sure. And that's the last of our 60 minutes, good night and have a Merry Christmas.

*No offense intended. I was just thinking of names. I know knothing of Cleaver and his grennie relations and Nemo's illegal activities.

**Better keep your word Apollo, or the truth will get out!

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