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Posted by smuggy4 at Dec 21, 2007 7:24:42 PM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
Albie of Sage

Hai Apollo.

#1 What, in your opinion, makes YPP so addictive in its own right? Could it be the wholesome fun, the community, subliminal messages, that cookie scent?

#2 Define how you view your role in the world of Puzzle Pirates in relation with the other OMs. How do you all balance each other out, etc.

#3 If you were an LOLcat, which would you be?

#4 There are naked statues of you on display all over the world, we have footage of you running around in a cape going 'whee!'... What has been the MOST embarassing thing to happen to Mighty Apollo?

#5 What would be the catchphrase for each OM? Make up one of one doesn't already exist.

#6 Tell us a brief history of how Apollo came to be. I mean, what lead you to be the handsome god of Sun and music, instead of that goaty-legged half man thing? Or the god of Poundcake?

#7 Did you ever know that you're my hero? Truly, you're everything I wished I could be. I can fly higher than an eagle, cuz you are like, the wind beneath my wings.

I hope these all count as single questions...the The extra lines are to clarify what I'm trying to get at.

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