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Posted by Jeda_Moon at Dec 21, 2007 2:22:32 PM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
Viconia Of viridian

Interviewing Apollo God of the sun

Place of Interview: The Oprah Winfrey Show

(Viconia has taken the place of Oprah this show to hold a special interview showing, she tells the audience and the viewers at home to pay no attention to the banging coming from a closet off set )

Welcome everyone to this special Oprah show. I am Viconia who is taking the place of hosting duties, seeing as Oprah is 'tied' up at the moment. Today i have with me a very special guest and i would like you all to give him a warm welcome. Apollo of Three Rings Designs. (Everyone applauds as Apollo comes running out and jumps onto the sofa )

Welcome Apollo. Lets get the questioning under way shall we? (Apollo jumps up and down on the sofa yelling out jibberish )

I'll take that as a yes. First question: What made you decide to become part of the Three Rings Family? (Apollo jumps off the sofa. runs to the other side of the stage and attempts to flip accross to the other side but fails misserably and returns to the sofa )

Oooook Next question: What part of being with Three Rings is truly the most satisfying?(Apollo stares blankly into space as if in a daze )

I guess i'll move on. So tell me apollo what truly makes you tick? I mean what makes you, well you? (Apollo rummages through his clothes as if looking for something, when finally he pulls out what appears to be a rum jug and takes a swig with a satisfied look )

Lets get to know the apollo away from Three Rings. Whats your favorite kind of food?(Apollo closes his eyes and appears to be in deep thought, but falls back on the couch in a uproar of snoring )

Can we get a bucket of ice water out here? (After waking Apollo up, the questioning continues )Now Apollo alot of single women out there want to know, Is there a Mrs. Apollo?(Apollo smiles, then jumps up onto the sofa, jumps a couple of times then falls behind it )

(Viconia grumbles to self, I should have interviewed Bia )Oh wells, lets see, Oh apollo, Do you like all of your co-workers?(Apollo comes around the sofa, sits down and shakes his head no and refuses to go in depth )

Well then seeing as how he wont tell us anymore, I'll move on. How is it working under a Boss like Cleaver?(Apollo gives Viconia a shocked look and yells out that he is ruler of all )

Well folks it looks like(theres a loud crash from off stage and Viconia rushes off the other side of the stage as Oprah comes running onto the stage. A few moments pass and Vic reappears and says in a hurried voice ) I would like to thank all of you for coming it was a pleasure to be your host, i would also like to thank apollo for coming and letting me interview him. Good-bye :D(Vic then runs outta the studio avoiding Oprah )

Sorry for the length but i wanted maximum humor :P

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