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Posted by Dougerarg at Dec 21, 2007 1:23:10 PM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
By the way, I really think you should ask this. :P

We're adressing Oceanus, in San Fransisco on the Golen Gate bridge. My goal is to make him dig up some dirt! Hehe

1) Every office has that one guy who is lazy. I think we all know that. Which ringer is laziest, and why?
2) Do you envy anyone in your staff? If so, who?
3) Let's say you're on Survivor with your other ringers, and you lose the immunity challenge. Who get's sent home?
4) Who does the most work?
5) Is cephalopod actually a developer, or is he really an artist as I suspect him to be?
6) You have a choice between the death or Apollo or Artemis. Who do you take, and for what reasons? (Mwahahahaha, I am soooo evil.)
7) Finally, Cleaver bursts into the room in a yelling tantrum; how do you propose to calm him down?

Haha, I enjoyed this.
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