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Posted by samthetrue at Dec 21, 2007 12:28:13 PM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
This is Samthetrue from the viridian ocean reporting from my cottage on kirin, I'm interviewing Hephaestus, god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals and metallurgy, and fire.
We sat down on some carven chairs and i had the cleaning greenie to fech some tea, hephaestus likes his tea strong with two sugars, but i was eager to get to the questions.

#1)"Mister hephaestus, for my first question may i ask why you chose to be a Ocean Master? wouldnt you have perfered to be a normal pirate like the rest of us?" I asked as the tea arived.
"Well sam, I couldnt pass up beutifull women throwing poe at me by the millions, and the power is quite wonderfull. I enjoy torturing new players with useless rules and doubloon fees"

#2)"For my second question I want to know what your least favorate thing about being a OM is, its the endless stupid petitions asking if people can have a free monkey isnt it?"
"Nay, my least favorate thing about it is cleaver, he snores like the black-ship firing its cannons, its quite deafening.
Just last week someone tried to wake him up from his afternoon nap because the walls where shaking from it... We are now looking for a new cabin critter around the OM office, he rolled over and squished the poor person."

#3)"Can i have a free monkey?" I asked hopefully.
"No." My spirits where crushed, i couldnt beleave it!

#4)"Can i run lima? I know i would do a good job" My spirits where low, but i still had hopes.

#5) "Why not?" I asked, quite disapointed.
"You dont have the experiance one would need to be a govenor of lima, Its a hard job, and Ajax has been hand picked from over two hundred thousand aplicants for his supirior bake off fun."

#6) "If you could be a animal what animal would you be?"
"A black/gold parrot, I would be coveted by the players, I could sit back and preen my self all day long and be offered crackers and not have to do any more work... "

#7) "Do you still have fun playing puzzle pirates? Hmm that actualy isnt broad enough, do you actualy play the game you make? or is all most of you do just manage us players?"
"Play puzzle pirates? I hardly have time to catch up on the petitions, before i know it its 3 am and I've still not finished my tasks... I heard though that nemo took out a sloop last week. They attacked rudebwoi on one of his elite WF pillages and took half his poe and most of his goods"

(unofficial questions from here on)
"If you ever get a moment want to come on one of my trips?"
"No. I've got a family to take care of, and my pet pig has been sick recently."

"Nay, my list is full... hermes has a million foraging alts and insists on me heartying them all"

"Why do females get belly buttons and us guys dont? with my belt and bracers i am free from neck to waste of all body parts, yet
girls with midrift blouses get a belly button clearly shown when they face south."
"If that angers you check under your kilt, your missing some other parts"

(I'll end it on that note, although i have many other questions to ask a ocean master if they would like an interview. Also, please dont smite me for making fun of any of the OMs mentioned above, or any of the fun poking that I was thinking wile writing this but failed to find words for)
Samthetrue on all oceans, but only viridian is home.
Captan of Puzzling Privateers,
prince of Imperial madness, if ye want to join eather let him know or one o the other officers/royals
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