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Posted by MadMe at Dec 21, 2007 12:24:56 PM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
Madme's on the Viridian piratey intarrrrrview the OceanMaster Hypnos

You told Hypnos,"Ahoy, are you available for that Daily Doodles interview?"

Hypnos tells you, "Yes, Apollo mentioned to expect your tell. I have some time for that interview you requested. Turn off dnd."

"Do not disturb" disabled.

You are whisked to an uninhabited isle where Hypnos laying in his favourite hammock strung between two palms trees.

Intarrrrview Questions:

1. I'm interested to know more about your family, especially about your twin brother Thanatos, who is known as the "god of death". I find it interesting that you have played a key part in the Yohoho Puzzle Pirates' Davy Jones' Lockering Forum, which is essentially the death of forum threads. Are you tapping into your twin's psyche there?

2. It's been talked about that you have this secksay James Earl Jones' voice, have you've been approached by LucasArts for "the DARK-SIDE" starring role in their upcoming Star Wars TV series?

3. You've certainly set the fashion trend regarding the "sleepy caps arrr 4 pirates" fad. However, there are rumours that you wear the sleepy caps to cover a receding hairline. Is this true?

4. Errrr... Mr. Hypnos... could you wake up?

5. Moving onto those signature fuzzy bunny slippers, what size do you wear and why the choice of pink?

6. In addition to being a well-known OceanMaster, I understand that you are now the community manager and liaison of the Puzzle Pirates' blog . I'm sure that you have endless stories of unforgettable greenie tells/petitions. However what are some interesting or most memorable issues/topics you've encountered during your current tenure with the online blog?

7. Although this may be hard to talk about, I'd like to go back to 2005 when you were arrested and charged with a SWS offence (sailing while sleeping). Can you comment on what really happen and your time in the sleep-disorder clinic?

You have been planked by Hypnos.
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