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Posted by kgarrett1969 at Dec 21, 2007 12:11:30 PM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
Pirate: Hawkings
Ocean: Viridian

Interviewee: Glaucus. . . An Ocean Master who wishes to remain anonymous.

Interview Location: The nature of the questions require a discreet setting, so the interview will be conducted in the private, back room of an undisclosed tavern to maintain anonymity and provide refreshment to encourage free and honest conversation.


1) What are the names of the pirates that Cleaver uses when he wishes to remain incognito in the game? I'm only asking out of scientific curiosity and in no way implies that I wish to harass or panhandle him.

2) What is the most embarrassing thing that a fellow Ocean Master has done that they do not wish to be made publicly known and who was the perpetrator?

3) What is the best thing to say to Bia if you want to get her to come completely unglued? The one thing that really pushes her button and will cause her to start shrieking in a high squeaky voice.

4) Who at Three Rings would you most like to slap with a cold, wet fish and for what reason?

5) What has been the best practical joke you've played on one of your fellow Ringers, who did you play it on, and what was the outcome?

6) In your opinion, what has been the silliest enhancement made to Puzzle Pirates? You know, the enhancement that once implemented secretly made you think, "What on the oceans were we thinking with that?!"

7) How far away from Apollo do you stay during the month of December due his frequent and disturbing outbursts at inappropriate times?

Fleet Officer of Silver Dragons
Citizen of Meridian

Apollo wrote, "Hawkings has changed my life. ;)"

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