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Posted by micklauer at Dec 21, 2007 11:09:00 AM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
Kingpriam of Midnight

My personal victim subject of choice would be Captain Cleaver. I'd likely lure him out with a group of sexy piratey mates to the German Beer Garden in Astoria on a mild New York summer afternoon. Drinks would, of course, be on the Three Rings business expense tab.

Question #1 ("Fore-play"):
Brother, I just want to thank you (and your team) for comin' up with such an excellent way to devour my spare time. Sure, there's a lot of massive online games out there to kill boredom...most of which are either strictly social puzzles or hack-n-slash what inspired this particular game: Why was it important enough for you to invest the time and money into Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates?

Question #2 ("Foot in the door"):
Apparently, I'm not the only one enjoying Y!PP. The reviewers seem in favor of the product, as well as your millions of registered netizens. But what about you? How would you define "success" in terms of creating an online game: Customer satisfaction? Game quality? Generatated revenue? You tell me.

Question #3 ("...the other foot"):
Okay, so strictly based on the criteria of success you just listed, has Puzzle Pirates met, exceeded, or fallen short in your projections of success?

Question #4 ("No, no, I got this Round"):
Well, I think we can all admit that the game has a fairly weighty history, and with a handful of years beneath you...where do you see the future of Y!PP? In a year? In 5 years? And, dare I say, 10 years?

Question #5 ("Dude, don't worry, I dry-hump everyone"):
While there was a brief stint (the Ubisoft era) in which it appeared as if Y!PP was really on the main-stream wagon, it feels like those days have been waning. Are there are any major game distributors/developers that you've got your eye on...or better yet, that you're in discussions with?

Question #6 ("It's not LATE, it's only 2am!"):
We know that Y!PP isn't the only pot on the stove. And while the success of some of these other ventures are questionable or to be seen, with the growing number of projects being released by Three Rings, how has your involvement in Puzzle Pirates changed? And as time goes on, how will it continue to change?

Question #7 ("This is a manly hug...ignore the tears"):
Maybe it's the four pitchers of Blue Moon, maybe it's those shots that Hypnos got...I don't know...I'm not a doctor...but I gotta ask. Which of the following best depicts your relationship to Y!PP: Yohoho! Puzzles Pirates...pick one of the following... (1) Nest egg of unending love...(2) Favorite jacket that just doesn't fit like it used to...(3) Stray dog you regret saving from that abusive alley bum...(4) Father in law that doesn't stop calling to give advice...(5) Best friend you don't feel like talking to most of the time, so you turn off your ringer and hope they leave a message. If none of these feel sufficient, please create your own.

And with lucky number seven~ That's all she wrote!

Much love!

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