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Posted by raincake at Dec 21, 2007 6:15:23 AM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
Pirate: Spoonio
Ocean: Sage

I would like to interview his lime-ness Cephalopod over some hot chocolate in a coffee shop with squishy sofas. (You must have the squishy sofas.)
  • There were rumours that for Christmas you would release Penguin pets which would sing and dance at random times. Why did you decide to not do this in the end?
  • What do the veils hang on to if pirates don't have noses?
  • Why is there no Rudolph team in the competition? Is it because his red nose distracts the other reindeer and this would be an unfair advantage?
  • In the YPP world, the elephants are smaller than the pirates, so they MUST be baby elephants. What are you going to say to the animal rights campaigners when they come knocking on your door?
  • Is there some kind of Puzzle Pirate law that forbids pirates from sticking out their tongues in portraits?
  • Have you ever thought about making your own island on one of the oceans, naming it after yourself, naming all the buildings after your favourite foods and having hundreds of bots that looked exactly like you?
  • Why do you never smile in portraits? Is it because you have bad teeth?
Was really strange, I was actually thinking yesterday "I hope Apollo makes a December Doodle where we can ask questions to the developers..." And then it happened! Could this be the magic of Christmas December Daily Doodles?
Spoonio on Sage Ocean
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