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Posted by Hypnos at Dec 19, 2007 4:38:17 PM
Re: Requests for Blog post content
But the new release does absolutely nothing about that exploit. It's still possible to puzzle on a swabbie transport ship without interruption, getting high puzzle scores in the process. The only thing the new release disables is memorization, which has nothing to do with stat protection.

Ah, you're quite correct. I've checked and here we go:

The intent of ship swabbie transport is you turning your vessel over to swabbies, not hiring extra crew. This should discourage things that you would do with a crew such as sailing, pillaging, memorizing, but not disallow you to puzzle if you want to help the ship along.

I think memming is supposed to be an added bonus to doing the duty puzzle while you are pillaging or running voyages. It is not supposed to be a goal in and of itself. Granted, people can run solo voyages on sloops to memorize routes, but that's their business.

It's not a perfect solution, and I do know that there are plenty of folks on both sides of the issue. We'll see how it plays out.
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