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Posted by Apollo at Dec 18, 2007 12:20:26 AM
Re: December Daily Doodles 2007 - contest thread week 3
December 18 - zomg... must... Doodle...

Contest opens now. Contest closes at midnight in around 24 hours.

This Doodle isn't exactly what I had planned for today. However, for the last several hours, I've had no internet connection, and THE HORROR! Not being able to reach the Doodle thread is astonishingly frustrating. I know that the most dedicated Doodlers among you work hard to get your entries in each day, even when circumstances are conspiring against you. So, as I clicked forlornly and pointlessly on the links, I was planning what I was going to do if I didn't have a connection by the time the next Doodle was due. I did not want mere lack of internet connection to stop me from getting that Doodle out there.

In reflection of that, I would like you to draw me a picture of yourself overcoming untoward circumstances and difficulties to attempt to get your Doodle entries in. Show me the circumstances that are trying to stop you, and also your determination to get that Doodle in no matter what! (When I say a picture of yourself, this need not be a portrait of yourself in real life... it could be your pirate.) The situation can be real-life or fantasy, whatever you choose. You can use hand-drawn art or computer-drawn art, or a hybrid.

Save your picture as .png or .jpg file formats. Host it online, and then include the image, or a link to your image, in your entry post. If the image is 600 x 600 pixels or smaller, you can include the image directly in the post. If it is larger than that, please include a link to the image hosted elsewhere (you can put in a thumbnail of the image if you wish, but it's not essential).

As a reminder, please read the general rules before posting. Start your post with your pirate name and ocean, and then post your image or the link to your image.

Go Doodle!

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