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Posted by Fjandr at Dec 17, 2007 6:18:31 PM
Re: Requests for Blog post content
's an exploit. It's duty navigation standing protection. I understand that people were happy to pay money to puzzle in peace, but I do not believe the resulting inability to get an ultimate in a puzzle without being willing to pony up money and nav for leagues upon leagues without interruption or porting is fair.

I seriously don't understand the correlation between removing memming and removing the ability to dnav uninterrupted for long periods. You can still dnav, or sail, or bilge, or carp, or gun, without interruption, for as long as you can get a swabbie route charted. Or were standing changes (at least positive ones) removed from swabbie mode without being listed in the game changes?

I can see standing protection in blockades/flotillas/Atlantis being detrimental to real duty standing lists, but removing memming seems to have no bearing on standing protection in swabbie mode for ANY ship puzzle (unless I'm missing something pretty major).

I'm not really up for arguing pro or con about the changes, since I've ground out plenty of memmed points over many hours prior to the swabbie mode changes and can do so again, but the rationale escapes me completely.
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