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Posted by Jirges at Dec 13, 2007 1:14:54 PM
Re: Requests for Blog post content
Hypnos wrote: 
Which issues are you referring to? I'll take a wild guess and say removing the memming ability from swabby ship transport?

How'd you guess? lol
I mean, I think I understand it, like you want going to sea = risk of engagement, but when you don't post it somewhere, it leaves it open to interpetation, and false assumptions. Theres some now who are like "OMs r ebil cus dey dont lik solo plyrz" which most know isnt the case, and a little information somewhere would put those fears to rest really quickly. Especially when THAT change was made the day before the release, and we only had a day to talk about it in the ice forums, where as other stuff had more discussion oppurtunities.

Although, 3 white enamel for the frosty pine is also....funny. Granted I've never flocked a tree, but wouldnt like 15 units of white paint do the trick? It would probably be less weight on the branches.

I know you guys like us discovering mysterys, and some things should be left to the imagination, but when you talk to us, it helps build better bonds.

Edit: And i SO wanted to beat a Thunderpants instead of a Skullsplitter....
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