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Posted by TToby at Dec 10, 2007 2:31:55 AM
Re: New tourney schedule
It's not intentional. They posted in one of the threads that they were trying to fix the bugged tournaments and it may have affected the schedule.

Yeah, we really don't deal with the tournaments on ice very frequently. On occasion, something will go boochy and destroy them, so we'll throw up new ones. Even less frequently, we'll sometimes realize it's been an exceptionally long time since the last bug ate things, and we'll blow them away and make new ones. But it's mostly the first case...mostly.

Me thinks the Tournys are very Broken at lot of them seem to be missing & as for skellys 5 on cringe yesterday, we beat them in round 1 winning 8k each plus 2 lots of male clothing each that were to old to be racked!, When i logged on today the clothing dusted & no 2:30am (PST) Tourny

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