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Posted by Groshawk at Nov 28, 2007 3:41:12 AM
Re: Pogo's avatar shop boards up the windows.
Assuming that your last post means you'll be picking up pace, I may as well submit my belated guess within the next day or so.
Trusting in SJ's confidence that she was only one digit off from 14 ships (and given that you have little reason to fib about five years of college on your dA profile), the correct number is either 36 or 40. As amusing as I find your supposed fetish for eating Jell-O naked while watching Adult Swim, I'll assume again that you've revealed your food of choice on dA, and that doughnuts are usually brown. The only thing that remains is to decide between 13 and 15 ship deeds, and since I don't have access to Midnight, this'll have to be a blind guess. If you were a god I'd ask you to be merciful, but you're apparently only human. Given that you're human, it's at least worth the attempt to tempt you with baked goods in exchange for an additional clue towards this last bit of information, since to say that any whole number multiplied by 2 will be even is like saying that I want one of your avatars a mite too desperately or that I should stop spamming your thread already. That is to say, unforgivably obvious.
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