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Posted by seb_long_uk at Nov 19, 2007 1:53:32 AM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
I'd like to see more trinkets. I don't care what they are, or where they come from, just so long as they are not given away in huge numbers (read: Atlantis, 8 hour tourneys or palace shoppe) and are pretty. Almost all of the existing trinkets have been given away in the 8 hour regular tournaments or Atlantis, which not only significantly reduces the value of that particular Trinket/colour combination, but devalues the Trinket type as a whole. Not to mention it is disheartening for Pirates who have won that particular Trinket/colour combo in a full-scale event, only to have its aesthetic value ruined.

In short: More trinkets please, and can it be arranged so they are only given infrequently, somewhat like the Mirror and Comb trinkets (although how long before they are put into the 8 hour trash pile?).

Thanks for your consideration.
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