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Posted by Missyball at Nov 12, 2007 12:36:07 AM
Re: [Selling] Avatars!
Ixi's Avatar Shoppe

I sell hand drawn avatars for pirates, I would prefer to do Midnight pirates only, because I need to meet you in person to make this business work.
My prices are as shown-

Normal standing view - 2k

Action view (eg fighting skellies, navigating) - 3k

Animated screenshot avatars (N/A in hand drawn) - 3k

Please watch this post because I am going to put up a few examples
Ixiya on the Midnight Ocean
Leatherfaces tells you, "lol yer stuck"
You told Leatherfaces, "no i'm not"
Ixiya says, "you scuppering barnaclehead!"
Leatherfaces says, "yer a roomie you know. the arrange furnitur

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