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Posted by Applez2000 at Oct 30, 2007 5:51:20 PM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
Shark Tooth:

If you sink in Atlantis, you go underwater and swordfight a load of man-eating sharks. This would be optional, because losing to the sharks would take away one random item from your inventory and 5,000 PoE from the Captain of the ship's crew (meaning only Captains can enable this option). If you get a killing blow on one of the sharks, you would get the trinket: Shark Tooth.

Instead of the sharks sending swords in the fights, they would send teeth coming down on your screen!

You would get very good booty according to your combos and killing blows. Sound fair? (No booty to lazers)

Just an idea: Captains can take people off a list of getting booty from the swordfights and those people on the list won't be able to get injuries.
Sofresh (Senior Officer of Warpath)
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