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Posted by Spansh at Jun 6, 2004 9:22:36 PM
Re: Making a tutorial
I can't imagine why it would even be as complex as that, if I was coding it I'd do something along the lines of assigning a value to each stage from booched through to incredible. Lets say from 1 to 10.

That (much like skilled etc labour) totalled for the ship is how much labour there is available.

Now since we're talking about Carpentry I'll start with that, lets say a sloop has a maximum damage of 100. every $time_period the current score of your workers is added up and subtracted from the damage total (unless it is zero then it's just an easy no labour used).

Same with sailing, each sail token costs x work units, a sailor can produce x work units depending on his current standing, every $time_period your current work units available are added up and when you have enough for as sail token one is produced.

Similar idea with bilge.

For each $reward (be that a lower carp, lower bilge or a sail token), there is an associated cost (I would imagine with bilge and carp there's just an overall total maximum amount (lets say 100 for a sloop, maybe 2000 or more for a grand frigate) and each $time_period the current scorre of your workers is subtracted. You can put a $tax in there if you want, which is how much damage is done to the ship if nothing's happening to it, and also there'll be an equation something like the form

(damage+1)*leak_constant = total_bilge_per_turn

That seems a LOAD simpler than current solutions regarding responsability etc. An easy way to test this would be to have a max damaged grand frigate and 10 or so ultimate carpenters, see how long it takes them to clear the damage. Then take same damage and a range of people from ultimate down to newbie, if dylan is right, they should finish the damage in roughly the same time (give or take a bit), whereas I think they'd just nail it.

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