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Posted by joris at Jul 23, 2007 1:43:12 PM
Re: Poke Awards July 07
Thank you, thank you...

I would like to thank the following people:

Ciar: Without her inspiration to get off my lazy sugar of cane, I could not come this far.

Cyndiepet: To keep one's mind straight, one should always have someone to get expeled by, that isn't just acting.

Tristan: If we did not nav side by side all these years, I would not be here anymore.

Rudebwoi: Your help in testing mechanics and delivering enjoyable PvPs (at least for our ship) can not be matched. You are a true addict.

Whiterose: If someone can be any more lazy and still put a smile on my face, I have not met them.

JollyJoe: Your blockade was most likely my most enjoyable ever. You are a true mate with nothing less than the highest respect.

Thematador: Your loyalty and friendship has changed my views on this ocean: I dislike even more people, hurrah!

Flakcannon: Your dedication to both laziness and perfection inspire me.

My vanguard friends: You mates have always put a grin on my face. Wether it is because I want to sink you, or sink with you, you are the true active players.

My RiddleMaker friends: I love how you get away with your exploits. I'm glad they inspire others to blockade you, more sinky!

Scupperer, Mcgreggor and the gang: You guys are always in good spirits. No matter who calls you cannon fodder, you can laugh it out. Love the picture posts, and the rum reply thread.

Poker friends: Alas, I have left the poker tables yet again. My inspirations lie elsewhere, but I come watch undetected at times ;-)

PokeMe: If there was ever inspiration to get back to my old self, it was you. I enjoy playing differently again.

15 sugar, 8 wood, 1 iron, 2 basic, 2 skilled, 2 expert. 1 Belgica to set the price

Teh Poke faktor candidate 07/07

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