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Posted by Poke_Me at Jul 23, 2007 12:17:51 PM
Poke Awards July 07
Yus teh Poke awards are here! Wif Viridian Parley werkin up a storm in teh proferbial forum Teecup, I prowdly prizent to joo Viridians Poke Awards (cue muzik) *dum dum duuuum* So on wif teh Catagrees!

1st up

Attenshun Whorabilitee.

Teh candidates-

Saltake - Saltake is our rezidenshul sloop sinking belgian waffle, turning no fewer than 15 threds into a discushun about herself and her dezire to sink sloops. This is posted on here forums so uthers can share her admiratshun for herself (numba of threds may be exagerated)

Yokomoko - Yoko as teh suxessor of Rohane as Teh face of Teh Farce, despite only being in teh forums a short while, has alredy staked his claym as up and comiing tart, wif threds such as The Farce - we are cute lyke kittens rly, an hav eleventy billion ships. (my kwestion here is how much are teh Guild chargin for teh rental). This kid speaks wif more inteligunce than Rohane but stil has teh putenshul to be just as stoopid.

and finally,

Rohane - Can be such a girl, an yet hasnt posted as much recently. Despite numerous threds and posts talking of intents to bl0xade, or suggesting sum sort of acshun, Rohane turnd out to be all mouth afta all. Sumthin tells me this isnt teh last we see of his stoopidity even tho he's not exactlee in a pusishun to do anythin (that hasnt stopt him befur.)

and teh winner is....

Yokomoko keep an eye on this one, but keep yer eye out, as Rohane wont be kept down fur long.

Ok the secund and last catagoree is awarded to teh Forum poster wif awesum abilitee to thro roks at teh pruverbial forum hornets nest

Teh Poke faktor

The candidates

Blackjacket - an awesum sum up of teh hot and not war flags of viridian in feel teh summer heat. I think spunx has alot more to offer teh forums in teh way of stirring, wif economic usage of words to maximise teh impact, i think this guy is hot ryte nao. This thred poked some overinflated ego's and even led to teh sinking of Blackmaria's Legendary shippy. Keep it up Blackjacket

Belgica - Luff his ability to wind people up while keeping a straight face. an awesum reply to Chinchi's boycott Scup thred with his boycott chinchi, made us all laff with numerous threds on how he has ruined teh oshun wif his rum escapades. I stil sens more from this one...

and finally

Scupperer - A seasund prufeshunal and yet never failing to supply teh bestest lets stir things threds.... just a sujestion of Scup playing teh game his way an parley is up in arms all AMGZHWFOOMG! way to go scup, joo show teh oshun just how to do eet!

and teh winner is

Scup! Showing teh new kidz on teh blok just how to stir a Viridian cuppa tea (tho on a side note, all free contenders show huge potenshul for future mayhemz.)

welll thats all from me for nao,more to come some uther tyme

Hosting joor Poke Awards live from a studio sumwhere

Pokemey Houston sings I will always luff joo

Back to defend his Viridian Idol crown.

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