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Posted by skiffygrrl at Jul 18, 2007 12:01:42 AM
Re: QuarterMaster II - Public Release - Support
I don' t know if anybody has mentioned this or not, but I have one consistent problem in QM II that I also had in QM 1.x, and that is....

....if I'm soloing and duty navigating, even if I have autoplank enabled in all ways, autoplank is somehow disabled and people board with impunity.

Since I tend to concentrate on the nav puzzle whilst memorizing, I don't see these boarders until too late.

On a side note, as long as I'm NOT duty navving, autoplank/PTB is functional. It's just when I'm duty naving and I"m soloing....

Please check this out, because it's when a person is soloing that they really need autoplank the most, so to have this feature disabled by doing duty nav defeats the whole purpose.

Thank you.
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