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Posted by Rengor at Jan 21, 2003 6:21:22 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Concerning our green crew color.

Our crew color is not one that you have to wear. You are ofcourse welcome to wear whatever you like.
But we had some asking if we were going to choose one, and we chose green since several of us wore that already.
The color is mostly there to give a sense of unity, to show other players that The Mad Mutineers are large in numbers and a tight knitted crew.

If ye want some green clothes I've been collecting a bunch, look at my list here. I'll be more than happy to give some of these away, I might want to trade for the really expensive items though. I also have some female clothes available (no picture at the moment). Feel free to ask!

-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

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