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Posted by Allice at Jul 15, 2007 5:04:28 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
If you want to know what I think.

I would say the only trophies that should exist are the ones made by the Ringers. I say this is because I have seen most of the posts in this thread and they seem to be about trophies that everyone can get or are very easy to achieve.

I mean, come on! just imagine a pirate info Trophy collection page with 200 trophies and if everyone had the same trophies, it'd be boring!

Trophies should be challenging to get, not something that just everyone can get.

And from what it looks from the previous posts, it seems you can get a trophy for basically doing anything!

fully agreed. But still i would like to see an award for meming the entire ocean since it takes quite a bit of time and puzzling to do it. Not anyone will be able to do it since you most likely have to be officer, have yer own ship and invest quite some poe in rum and maybe cbs. As for me i was pillaging quite a bit in the areas where i needed charts from i couldnt get from other people or people couldnt chart for me. :-)
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