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Posted by geminiladi at Jul 11, 2007 10:29:15 AM
Re: Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)

I (Daydream) am currently seeking a crew on Cobalt. So far ive joined two crews both with little activity.

I have been captain and/or senior officer in multiple crews on both cobalt and midnight. Currently I play cobalt more.

What I look for in a crew:

That it be very active in pillaging.
That there will be sails/pillages in pirate time from around 1am to 11am. (my time zone around 4 am to 2pm)
I can be officer or not doesnt matter to me. But I have 2 sloops and a war brig and would like to sail at some point but right now doesnt matter.
That you realize that real life comes first. And I may not always be around constantly because of the summer be out of town etc.

And one final thing. I work 3rd shifts so I do get to play at work however I may not be able to stay during pillies some nights because if I get a phone call at work I have to logg off suddenly. I usually try to keep those nights to carousing so I dont hurt the crew/crews that I pilly with.

I don't talk much at first until I get to know you but after that you probably wont get me to hush lol

Currently my stats are

SF - legendary/grandmaster - Solid
Bilge - Legendary/grandmaster - Solid
Sails - Grandmaster - Solid
Nav - Distinguished - Broad
Bnav - Respected/Master - Broad
Guns - Grandmaster - Weighty
Carp - Grandmaster - Solid
Rumble - Grandmaster/Legendary - Solid
TH - Able - Novice (have never got to play yet)

If your interested in my stats look for me during those times or email me at and let me know your looking for daydream.
Daydream on Cobalt
Geminiladi on Midnight

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