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Posted by waveyminter at Jul 10, 2007 9:57:29 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Well this be me Trophy Ideas. (and uses!)

Fer Clearing 50,000 crabs ye shud be awarded a Bucket o' Crabs!
Use - NONE

Fer beating level 10 In Sf, Rumble, Drinking.. Win a Training Fist, Training Cup and Training Sword.

Fer Bnavving a Blockade 50 times and sinking (or removing) atleast 3 PER blockade. (Sinking then tyring again in SAME blockade will not add. It must be a differnt blockade).

Update Whisking potion boots thing.. Winged boots. Currently does NUTHIN should do.. Allows 1 Free whisk per day. NON-TRANSFERABLE.

Winning 200+ in a 20-200 game
Winning 2,000+ in a 200-2,000 Game
Winning 20,000+ in a 2,000-20,000 Game
Winning 200,000+ in a 20,000-200,000 Game
Will result in a Cup full of Coins, Getting bigger each trophy.

Will have NO use.
Must be from a differnt player/Computer each time.

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