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Posted by TBPOTN7 at Jul 7, 2007 6:11:55 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
I dunno if these have been said already but...Trophies Ideas:

Golden Helm (Or something like golden, like Jewelled or the like):

Somewhat similar to the Golden Cannon, you would get this trophy after having navved in blockades, for example, for 1000 hours. Would kinda be like an upgrade of the Weathered Helm.

As we talking about blockades, sinking comes to my mind:
Diving Helmet:

You get it after a certain ammount of fishes earned or, in other words, times you get yourself sunk. A high number here too, like 1000. Would only work of course, in sinking blockades or war sinkings when you actually lose a ship.


about the diving helmet, i prefer one for sinking 1000 ships, since we have the driftwood and soggy boot already for getting sunk

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