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Posted by Hebacheba123 at Jul 5, 2007 1:49:03 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
youngthink said:
Another cool idea would be some kind viral trophey from SF or Rumble... starts after someone wins a OM tourny they get this trophey... then if that person is beat in that game type the victor get that trophey also... and there are 2 carriers... etc. so this trophey would contaminate the ocean like a a virus (rare to start, but over time it gets more common)

This would be a good idea... But maybe make it so that there's only one? People could just lose a Swordfight intentionally to give a hearty one of these trophies. If there was only one, and you lost it if you lost a Swordfight while you had it, then people wouldn't just give it to their hearties... Of course, this would make it so that a person could get this trophy then never Swordfight again... Hmmmm... Maybe you lose it if you don't do at least one Swordfight every week (unless you don't log on in that week) and if someone loses it this way another tournament is held...

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