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Posted by youngthink at Jun 25, 2007 5:38:46 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
*trophy for killing the last green BK in the floti thereby making it move--> or maybe this could be a trinket... ATM there is no reason to actually beat a floti other than braging rights (not that big of a deal) or to make it move from an island you want to protect (not that big of a deal as the cade's are pretty easy up til now).

*some random trophy for ultra-experienced sailor (like a rainbow pinwheel?) & carpers (a golden hammer?) (like bilger's boots/golden gun)

*a trophy having all routes memmed

* PVP trophy's for # of wins (1 at 5 wins/15 wins/30 wins... like skellies but not at 10, 25, 100)

* trophey for being achieving admerial in a navy

Another cool idea would be some kind viral trophey from SF or Rumble... starts after someone wins a OM tourny they get this trophey... then if that person is beat in that game type the victor get that trophey also... and there are 2 carriers... etc. so this trophey would contaminate the ocean like a a virus (rare to start, but over time it gets more common)

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