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Posted by Rohane at Jun 16, 2007 9:09:58 AM
Re: QM II is sooo not working.
And Soar,

Yeah it would help to see what we can do about this bug, considering that 1 of the WFing SO's has become a poker trollop, the other 3 arn't on as much, and I'm the only one left. v_v

Yes I still War Frig despite the new jobber payout. (Which ain't so new)

Hmm I wonder if QM II beta still works.

Arrr, thats not good.

Here is a work around that will turn off your crew loading, and probably allow you to login. I'll get a fix out in the next update.

Open this file: C:\QuarterMaster\Users\Options.txt
That directory location is relative to where ever you have installed QM.

You'll see a number of headings like "General" and "Pillage", each one followed by a bunch of pluses or minuses.

Look under the first heading called "General".
Change the last two lines under this heading to minuses.

Be sure not to leave any blank spaces after the minus characters, and definitly don't add any new lines or change any other things.

Save the file and try to log in to QM. Hopefully this should be a temporary fix. Your crew list won't be up to date, but at least you will be able to use the program.

Let me know how it goes.


Did nothing to help me. THere we're 2 ++'s at the bottom of 'General' I'm assuming those are the ones I should have turned into minus's? Still getting same thing, timing out.
No one agrees with him. Then again he doesn't agree with anyone else either.
The link above is for my own personal benifit. kkthnxbai

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